Cannon Ballers Press Kit


Developed By:

Looty Games, Co.
Based in the United States of America

Published By:

Looty Games, Co.

Release Date:

iOS: Feb 1st, 2019
Android: Feb 1st, 2019


RPG, Rogue-like, Pinball


iOS/Android: $5.99







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Cannon Ballers is a 2d Action-RPG Pinball mash-up in the spirit world of Japengo. Play as a pirate captain as you fly from island to island on an epic search for the Star Crystal, said to grant it's owner a single wish. Endlessly replayable, the game has dozens of creatures, power-ups and encounters!


- Fast, satisfying combat built for 45 second intervals!

- A collection of 45 unique monsters, power-ups and destructibles!

- Each run is unique!

- Upgrade your power-ups!

- Encounter rare monsters and rooms filled with loot!

About Us, Looty Games

We care deeply about making great games, and we got frustrated with the fact that so many mobile games are all about the greed. And why should we be surprised? These companies are run by business executives, accountants, financiers and lawyers - exactly the wrong kinds of people to push this platform, and the industry we love so much, forward.

We're about bringing quality games to the smart phone platform. Eventually, we will challenge the way games can drive positive social interaction, by encouraging face-to-face communication. Pro-social mobile gaming is the future of our industry.